Kindred Spirit puts you in the role of a dead mother who inhabits her daughter's favorite doll to watch over her. You must commence in battle with a closet-dwelling monster and defeat it to save your daughter's life.

This game was a student project that I had 2 months to work on. This was my initial foray into game design and coding, as well. It was a huge, stressful learning experience.

I am aware of some bugs that remain within the game, if I wasn't on a deadline the game wouldn't be up quite yet. I will, however, be releasing patches as often as possible. I'm actually hoping to get a day one patch uploaded.

If you find any bugs, or would like to give me either positive or negative feedback, contact me at

Thank you for playing!



It has arrived! I just released the first patch for Kindred Spirit. This patch addresses some issues with physics and collision, lag on player death, overlapping tutorial ui, and some minor tweaks elsewhere. I was bedridden with a terrible flu earlier this week, sorry it took so long to put this patch out.


Download 25 MB


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It's hit or miss whether I can get to the first level after the intro-story.